"Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team."
-Ian Adamson

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome To East Coast Madness

It's now official, we are running as a satellite team of Madness Adventure Racing, a sponsored race group based out of Arizona. Madness runs four or five teams out of Arizona, one in Utah, and now us here in Virginia. We hope to be growing our East Coast numbers soon.

Madness was formed with the primary goal of running Adventure Races, but the members out west also run Marathons, Half-Marathons, Triathlons, Mountain Bike races, 10K, and 5K races. Pretty much anything that keeps them moving, and that's what our goal here is as well. Madness is a not-for-profit incorporated organization whose primary function is to bring racers together as a team, and get them racing.

Training is of the utmost importance to any race team, and we are no exception. The Madness motto is "Train Hard, Race Easy" and thats a philosophy that we in the new east coast team heartily embrace. Training as a team helps to build a strong cooperative attitude, as well as strong racers. Training as a team gives us the opportunity to push each other harder than we would push ourselves alone. Training as a team gives us the strength to push ourselves beyond our personal limitations, and drives us to work harder, because we're working for the team.

Racing is what we are all about. The East Coast Madness team is dedicated to running as many races as we can handle. Our goal is to become a competitive Co-Ed Adventure Racing team, but along the way we're planning on running as many different races as we can. So far we've run in three street races, and one trail race, but our race schedule is quickly filling and becoming more varied.

We invite you to keep up with us here on this blog, but also to come out and train and race with us when you can. If you're interested in joining us you can contact us through this blog.

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