"Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team."
-Ian Adamson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Candler's Mtn 5k Trail Race

Yesterday, we ran our first official race of the year, the Candler (Liberty) Mtn. 5k Trail Race. We had received an email on Thursday informing us that the race had been adjusted because of parking requirements and the massive amount of snow still covering the ground. The email said the race was not going to be your 'typical 5k' race. They were right.

The course was covered in snow, ice, slush, and mud. It was more of an adventure than a 5k run but it was exhilarating. Those of us who ran it (Todd, Erin and Alexis) saw no improvement on their 5k times but agreed unanimously that trail runs, especially those with obstacles like snow and steep elevation changes, make for quite a bit of fun.

Here are our results:

Todd 33:03 7th out of 21 (age division 30-39) 29th out of 152 overall runners

Alexis 39:08 9th out of 24 (age division 20-29) 79/152

Erin 45:07 7th out of 9 (age division 30-39) 114/152

Alexis would like it to be known that she was the oldest in her age division by 3 years. That's how she is coping with coming in 9th anyways.

Overall, it was a fun run and we were happy to be outside and running. We came home and immediately signed up for race #2 of the year, also a 5k trail run, the Mountain Junkies Explore Your Limits 5k in two weeks.

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