"Ask not what your team can do for you, but what you can do for your team."
-Ian Adamson

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Shipment of Sponsorship Gear!!

A big thanks to Zerogoo for the shipment of hydration pack accessories. Madness East now has Camelbak bladder dryers and fuel injectors that should fit any hydration pack system, enough for the whole team. Scott also threw in a few more packs of Nuun and some stickers.

I personally plan on testing the fuel injectors out as soon as possible, look for my reviews later this month.

In other news, we are now registered as two 3 person co-ed teams for the upcoming Odyssey Adventure Race Sprint on July 24. Gerald Cox and Dennis Cox with be racing with us on Alexis' team, Madness Too, and Todd, Tyler, and Jordan will be racing together as Madness One.

I'm going to plan no fewer than two TEAM training sessions before the race in July, where we will Run/Trek some tough trails, bike through the woods for several miles, and go over some different gear requirements and fuel options for the race. Let me know as soon as possible if there are some weekends that are better for your schedules or some weekends that just won't work. We need to train as a team to race as a team.

So again, a big THANK YOU to ZEROGOO and to Scott 'Madness Man' Thomas for the shipment of gear!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Runner's Best Friend

Is definitely his SHOES.
the Mizuno Wave

Last fall I decided to start running again, after several years off, and I went out and got a pair of these Mizuno Waves. Flat out the best pair of shoes I have ever worn, without exception. I recently bought a new pair, because I simply wore the first pair out. In 7 months I put over 500 miles on this pair of shoes.

In the past I have always run/trained in either Nike or New Balance, but after running for over half a year in my Mizunos I realize the importance of getting the right shoe. Our friends at Riverside Runners here in Lynchburg do a great job of matching a runner with the right shoe.

So, if anyone from Mizuno is reading this, Madness would love to have you guys as one of our proud sponsors. Especially with me trying to up my training, I'm going to need at least three pairs of these babies a year. (Scott, see what you can do.)

The bottom line is this: if you're going to run you've got to take your feet seriously. Get to a good running store and get properly sized, fitted, and analyzed. These Mizuno Waves have been perfect for me, but everyone is different.

Polar Insulated Water Bottles

Polar was nice enough to give everyone on the Team one of these insulated water bottles. It holds 24 ounces, and keeps your water (or whatever you put in it) good and cold for several hours. I usually pack mine full of ice, so that by the time I need it it's still cold. I've actually had it keep water cold for almost two days before.

It is kind of big, and I don't usually carry it with me while I'm running or biking because of that. If I'm going for a long distance I prefer to use my Camlebak, but the Polar bottle is always with my gear at the end of a training session or a race.

Review by Todd

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bald Mountain 10k

This past Saturday the team ran it's second 10k. This 6.2 mile course, unlike the flat and easy course in Richmond this past March, was a trail race set on Liberty Mountain (or is it still Candler's Mountain, to be honest I don't really know anymore). To sum this race up in one word, arduous. Completion was my goal and at times I considered if that was even realistic. However, if not a PR sort of race this grueling course was good training for hills and trails.

Race Results:







I (Alexis) am very pleased, as well as very surprised, to announce that I took second place in my age division (20-29) for female's at Saturday's race. I will admit I really was 5th but the top three female runners took top three overall and I came in second by default. However, it's the nicest medal I've gotten to date and it made me feel good about this very fatiguing event.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Training Summary


Todd 43 miles

Alexis 44 miles

Erin 52 miles


Todd 80 miles

Alexis 43.5 miles

Jordan 27 miles

Tyler 38 miles