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-Ian Adamson

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deep Hollow Half Marathon and 5k

OK, so I realize it's been 10 days since the Odyssey Fall Finale Sprint and you've still no idea how we did. But it's been even longer since our half marathon trail run and 5k at Camp Hydaway and still no race recap. So going in order, here is how we did at that race.

I (Alexis) decided (was extremely encouraged by my husband) to not run the half marathon. My IT bands have been bothering me since the Rock 'N Roll half marathon at VA Beach in September (or before that?) and it was decided that the trail half could set me back in my training. Todd on the other hand ran the half marathon just a few short weeks after his ultra marathon (did we ever post a race recap for that?) and did well.

I ran the 5k as hard as I've ever ran a trail 5k and I believe my time shows that. What my time doesn't show but the results do if you take a closer look is that I literally chased a 9 year old girl (running her first ever 5k) down a mountain always in sight or her but never able to catch her. Ahead of her (female wise) a 12 year old. I'm feeling old. It was the first time I've ever placed in the overall category for a race though and was feeling pretty good about it.

Results below and here:

Todd (Half marathon)


19th out of 113 total

5th in age division out of 9

Alexis (5k)


14th out of 91 total

3rd overall female

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