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-Ian Adamson

Friday, August 6, 2010

ZeroGoo Fuel Injectors!

ZeroGoo is one of Madness Adventure Racing's newer sponsors, and I hadn't had a chance to try this thing out before our July 24, Sprint Race.

So, I went against common wisdom - "Don't race with something you haven't trained with" - and I installed this fuel injector system the day before the race. Let me just say that part of the reason I had hesitated installing it on my pack in the first place is that I wasn't sure how easy it would be. Well, that was before I opened it up and looked at it. The ZeroGoo fuel injector could only be easier to install if it came with a robot who installed it for you. In fifteen minutes I was ready to go, and it only took that long because it was the day before the race and I was being extra careful to do everything right.

The Fuel Injector itself is a very simple device. It installs quickly. It works easily. And it doesn't get in your way. I love it.

ZeroGoo also sent us a shipment of Human Fuel energy to be used with these fuel injectors (as well as some empty fuel bottles that we can fill with our own fuels (gels or whatever). The Human Fuel worked great, and didn't taste all that bad either. The way the injector works is that you flip a valve and get the fuel of your choice (Human Fuel) mixed straight into your water line. You get a good shot of fuel, then you turn the valve back off and chase it down with another gulp of water.

This process make it possible to race all day, getting electrolytes and energy with your water, and you don't have to mix anything in your Camelbak bladder that is going to lead to a funky bag when you forget to clean it out until the following weekend. Genius!

I ran the whole race and didn't even use one whole bottle of Human Fuel, and I felt that my fueling needs were met. As with all good energy fuels I couldn't really tell a difference in my performance after taking it, and that's the whole point for me. No Difference equals no drop in performance.

I would highly recommend everyone on my team installing a ZeroGoo fuel injector on their packs, and fueling with Human Fuel for all of our endurance length races.


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